Home Automation ?



Currently, my Senior Design project to design a home automation system. My group of 4 had to come up with an epic project idea, and needed something that can benefit everyone. After doing tons of research on this topics, I am now certain that we are very close to living like the Jetsons. Well, everything besides the flying car of course.

Home automation is the process of automating and controlling tasks in your home that we do manually. Don’t we all forget to turn off the lights before getting in bed, why not set a time that they automatically turn off or use your cellphone to control them. Utilize GPS so that your home knows when you are a few mins away and ready to turn on the AC for you. We are technologically advanced so why wouldn’t we utilize this throughout our homes ?

Besides lights, we have the power to control garage doors, coffee makers, laundry and other appliances. There are a number of products out there that allow you to do so. So what scares or horror stories can we look forward in the future?

  • Someone Hacking Your Home- yes computer hackers may be interested in your living patterns and settings just as much as your credit cards
  • Government surveillance- If you’re house is connected to a network, just know the CIA may have full access to you
  • Smart Home turning on you, with concepts such as Machine learning, electronics are learning to think as humans in a way. Think how much a home could learn about you to harm you.


Now even though I have outlined some very very extreme cases, you should still give it a chance. Research the topics of Smart Homes or Home Automation.

Because of the problems above, this is why we need you to learn as much as you can to protect the future of these things. (Maybe not the CIA though).

I hope I brushed upon this topic in an eye-opening way and encouraged you to find research that proves me wrong!!!


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What do you Internalize ?


Sorry for the delayed blog entries, I’ve been busy with internships and most importantly engineering coursework. I will now jump right into what I feel is real important.


The title is “What do you Internalize ?”, and I want to make sure I get you all to ask yourself that question. From the words we read to the music we listen to, we are always taking in something. I believe that from what all we take in everyday, it starts to become a part of us. You may have heard of the saying, “you are what you eat”, well that applies to much more. If all we do is listen to negativity all day, then that will make us a negative person or encourage negative thoughts.

The second we realize that our surroundings play an effect on us, we may never be able to grow. I want to leave you with a few keys on things to internalize:

  • Positive uplifting music that makes you encouraged, filled with love, and motivation to do better
  • Read various books on things you want to develop in and really take it in
  • Having great conversation with wise people, soak up their knowledge
  • The people who may be looking up to you, really know that everything you do matters

So the second you realize what you want to do in life, start CONSUMING IT AND EVERY THING ABOUT IT.

You want to be a doctor, but haven’t started watching the doctor tv shows or reading books on preparing for med school.

You want to be a businessman/businesswoman, but refuse to wear a tie or proper attire.

Whatever you want to do or feel or live, you have to internalize it  !!!

Thanks for reading guys

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Re-Evaluate your Career



There will come a time in your career, maybe it’s starting or after a few years down the road, however you will question your interest of the job. So how do you decide if it’s still in the cards for you ? Is this considered a job now, and not the career that it once was ? Well, it may just mean that it is time to re-evaluate your career. Maybe you already mastered this job and you are too afraid to try something else. Maybe, you don’t realize it’s perfectly fine to leave and do something else.


Now to keep you on the top of your game and to really push you forward, try reevaluating your career once every 5 years.

This could be the perfect opportunity to get a MBA because you feel you want to go down the managerial track, and focus on people management.

The choice is yours, I’m sure you’ve heard of many stories of Wall Street Traders that wanted to leave the money scene and get into something completely different. It happens because their happiness was at stake so when it was time to re-evaluate their career, they took the high road. Maybe waiting 5 years wasn’t needed for them.


Please, make sure mastered everything you could possibly learn and hopefully moved up at least once in your area. If there is still some growth and you feel it is for you, take it. However, if you don’t enjoy the nature of your work anymore and waking up every morning is a drag, it’s time to spruce up the old resume and get a new job or a new spot in a different department. There are constraints for changing to certain industries and you must be prepared to do so. Most industries today require a great knowledge of computer skills. Would you be willing to start sharping your skills when you are off from work to prepare you for another job ? If so, please commit some time daily on it.

What you like now, is not what you will like in the future, so it’s ok to feel that a change is needed.

Don’t Settle!!!!

A higher up once told me that, some people will stay at a company hating it their entire life because they never open up their mouths, well people it’s time you don’t fall into those traps!

Now this may sound weird coming from a college student about careers, however I feel I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge from multiple co-workers.

Thanks for reading!!!

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I Forgot the Library


Disclaimer: This article may shed light on education!!!  

After years of going to Barnes N Noble, I seriously forgot about our beloved library.

Thanks to my mother, for dragging me to the library most days in the summer, I would not have been introduced. She “encouraged” me to take advantage of every program the library had to offer during the summer. There were many skills and new found knowledge I’ve learned such as clay modeling,
wire bending, and chess strategies. The summer reading program offered incentives for children and young adults. The more books you read, the more chances you got at winning prizes. The prizes were shirts, bags, and other little goodies.


After a consisent period of not going, I soon forgot about the library. Using Barnes N Noble as my hang out spot and access to coffee and RED VELVET CHEESECAKE, I abandoned a friend that was so near and dear to me.
However, after visiting a new state and town, I was able to check out a local library. After walking through the doors, you are presented with a building of massive size and endless amounts of books. Now, I usually buy a book or magazine in Barnes N’Noble, however I wouldn’t feel bad about buying anything in the library because that is the purpose. The amount of books that the library offered on the topics that I had interest in, was astonishing. Barnes N’ Noble only offered newer titles and didn’t carry older books if they weren’t high sellers. I was reintroduced to the Huey Decimal System. I was re-welcomed to a family of friendly librarians. I say a family because the library I grew up in, was basically my family. They all were like aunts and their children like cousins.

I eneded up checking out 4 books. My stack of books started out as 10 books, but I wanted to select the best of the 10 to actually take home. This library too, had summer reading programs. However, they offered many for adults and they offered many other programs that really got the town involved such as TV marathons. The experience of this place brought back awesome memories.
The moral of the story is, even though we love our Barnes N’ Noble and the smell of frapp, the library will always be our home and free(unless you don’t accumulate late charges lol).

Thank you

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What’s your language ? Learn Computer Programming


It’s time to learn a new skill, Computer Programming!!!

If you want to learn computer programming or want to pass this on to your relatives or friends, use this vital source of information.

“Train your skill from New to Good to Great”

It is my pleasure to write about the multiple computer programming languages and how can you get into these. Learning these skills can provide you a new hobby, increased problem-solving ability, and potentially a new industry to work in.

Just having some computer skills, will give you an edge on other applicants. However, the more you know, the better chance you will have at getting those desired jobs.

Computer programming has turned into a new wave that has sparked interest everywhere. No longer is it only linked with guys stuck in their basements wearing pocket-protectors.

Currently, everyone has an app idea or two. The saying, “There is an app for that”, still stands today! However, I believe that even though are hundreds of thousands of apps in app stores, there is still room.

The power of just having a computer can open up multiple opportunities. Over the years I have noticed various industries spark from the computer

  • Instrumental Making
  • Online television shows
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Online teaching
  • Circuit Design
  • Stock trader

So what else can our computers do ? Well, features such as Microsoft word isn’t dead, most companies need people who are competent in this area.

One who masters Excel and Access, will never be out of a job!”

-Life lesson

However, I’m sure you have interest in programming, so let’s go!

Where to get started with programming ?

Okay, so let’s say today(insert day of week), you realize learning how to code will add some value to your life, now what ?

Decide what are your goals for programming

This is very important, and what dictates your flow of programming knowledge. What is your biggest goal at the moment, and what type of product would you like to create.

  • Websites
  • Mobile Applications(Native or Web-based)
  • Games
  • Programs for personal use
  • Server/communication programs
  • Graphics animation
  • Database Inventory tracking system

I won’t go into detail on all of these, however I will touch up on a few.

If your goal is to learn how to build websites, here is where to start.

  • Learn HTML 5 –the scripting language that actually designs the structure of the site.
  • Learn CSS — stands for cascading style sheet, using this, you can some style and personality
  • Learn JavaScript -not to be confused with the Java programming language, this is used to add interactive features to your site, such as hover over pop-up boxes.
  • Learn how the different sections of the user interface and how a webpage is broken up into different areas.
  • Learn how to get graphic images made for your background and other page images, so you can create amazing looking sites.

In a high-level explanation, these are the skills that you need, links will be provided for you with to use to get your feet wet and to start learning.

Helpful Website Dev Links:

Also using these websites tools, you can create web-based mobile applications, however that’s later on jump.

Various programming languages

  • Java- used for creating fun applets and useful personal programs, needed to understand programing for Android, advanced uses are servlets and other communication devices
  • C++ – used mostly for 3D graphic design and for scientific research and analysis
  • MatLab – used for statistics and solving engineering problems
  • Python- said to be the easiest to learn and mostly used by educators, also used to program the infamous Rapsberry Pi.
  • C#- its pronounced C sharp and this is used mostly for windows applications, still very popular.
  • Cobol & Fortran- your grandpa’s coding language that is still used today, so if you learn this, there are alot of jobs that need people

Helpful programming languages sites:

Now, Mobile Application Design, since of you are waiting for that.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows8
  • Samsung TV
  • Smart Watch
  • Yes you can program all of the aforementioned options


If you want to program for iOS, meaning iPhone and iPad, you need to have a Mac and the program Xcode. You can download Xcode from app store. You can design and code for free, however to deploy your application into the Apple App store, it is $99/year. However, if you can create 1-2 apps per year, that can be made back.

So when starting your journey on iOS application design, it is best to first draw out(wireframe) your potential app. User Interface is half the importance in designing apps, so you need to think of every button, text field, and drop down boxes. You can read through Apple documentation to learn about every UI designs and components.

The computer programming language traditionally used for iOS development is Objective-C, it is a high level language. It is structured around an advanced topic, called Object Oriented Programming. I recommend that you play read tutorials and really build an understanding of how MVC works.

MVC- model-view-controller is what connects the user interface to its interactivity. Please spend lots of time on this before moving on.

Don’t be afraid to ask why, that’s the only way you will learn. After drawing your future app on paper, create a process flow chart to think through every single action you want to happen when either a button is pressed or a text field is opened.

Swift – is the new language that is so called, easier to learn that Apple created. This new language may be your new entry into iOS design.

Also, there are many interface builders and app builders online to create apps for you.

iOS Helpful Links:

If I didn’t create this section, a large group of biased people would jump on me. Therefore, without further stalling.


Yes Android is the most popular platform, simply because it’s on mostly every phone. With iOS being only on the iPhone, I guess they are more selective and want customers to feel special. But hey, (SHADE!!!)

All jokes aside, Android is a great platform to create apps for. Once you learn how to create apps for Android you can create apps for multiple devices, which is pretty neat.

With Android, you can use Android Developer Tools(ADT) to create your apps or the popular Eclipse.

Programming for Android is totally different than iOS, simply because of their building environments. The way Android apps are built are designed in a XML format. You would have experience with XML, another mark-up scripting language, if you do go through the advanced tutorials for HTML.

Deploying your app to the store for Android costs a yearly fee of $25, which is cheaper than iOS.

Helpful Android Links:


Windows8 is the most versatile in the way they accept apps because they make it possible for any type of programmer to create apps for them. If you have a c++ background, website development, c#, then you can easily create apps for them. However, the only thing is that their market isn’t as popular as the others.

I played around with C# for a week and created an app that centers around Motivation for students.


Anytime you have issues programming, don’t just give up, look at your design again. The longer you spend in planning your strategy and design, the less problems you will have.

Tips to solving an programming issue:

  • Looking at design and going through what should have happened
  • Reading through your code from top-down to make sure you followed your tutorial correctly
  • Google the issue you are having, I’m sure your problem will come up on StackOverflow.com

Tips on becoming a better programmer

  • Find time to practice daily
  • Be able to go through tutorials and tell yourself all what should happen as you follow the flow of code
  • Use old fashioned paper and pen when designing your code, this will really help
  • Utilizing all of your resources, if you are not reading tutorials, watching youtube videos, and talking to coders in your network, how will you get better
  • Look for source code online for your particular language and study examples

 You have to put in the work to learn what you want, set a goal, and get there!!!

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Find a Skill and Master it!

catalog tools image

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Practice makes perfect, which is why I’m dedicating this summer to improving my programming skills. The more you make your self valuable, the more attractive you are to any potential employers. College or not, find something and get good at it: (painting, programming, hair-braiding, welding, writing, teaching). If it’s something you love, read everything about it and practice it, even when it gets boring to you practice. I get excited about new projects and the potential skill but I end up getting tired after a few months. However, working through those tired months with routine and consistency produces results.

We are all aware of that one person in our town that we all depend on for something: bike repair, iPhone screen replacement, master cake designer, etc. We depend on these people and we are sure if any of these problems occur or skills acquired, we know who to go to. They didn’t start like that. I’m pretty sure they all started off tinkering and messing things up. Also, with pairing yourself with a mentor that is good in your acquired area, you learn from their mistakes. Think about the Karate Kid, from meeting this mentor and hours on hours of wax on wax off, he was able to become a champion.

You too will become a champion, however it all starts with you picking a skill and being consistent.

Thanks for reading

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Google’s Self Driving Car


Greetings, I know it seems that I have been a Google-head lately, but you can’t blame me.

Life is almost like the Jetson’s thanks to Google. Google has managed to create a driveless car, but I’m sure many of you have heard, read, and/or talked about this already. Now before pulling your money out of the bank to purchase one, it’s not available yet. However, with 700,000 miles of testing completed, it sure will be in due time. For the past few months I have read different articles and research papers on where is our transportation system going, and it all seems too futuristic. The driveless car allows the user, not driver, to enjoy the ride without worrying about steering or pedals. Use your car how you use your cellphone or iPad, carefree. Now the car only goes 25 mph, so it still has a way to go to catch up with Tesla’s Roadster. The intelligence of the car allows it to detect nearby and incoming traffic, and does all these sophisticated tasks without you lifting a finger.  Sensors are built in all around the car, and if you may have noticed the large rotating sensor on the top of the car. This top sensor can scan more than 200 feet away in any direction.



California has to pass a few laws to actually get this car on the road legally, and from there I guess other states to follow. I’m excited about this because it’s the epic combination of automobiles and high-tech. The automobile industry is transforming and backyard mechanics may require an electrical engineering to stay abreast. Make sure you read more upon this and share with your friends!!!

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Ask Why ?


We don’t we have enough people asking why ? Kids are usually shot down for asking too many questions, however I endorse it. Don’t shut a child down for asking questions just because it is getting on your nerve. It seems to me that this child wants to know the meaning of things.

If we had more people asking why, the world would be constantly changing for the better. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why do we say the pledge of allegiance or why we does food spoil after a certain time ? Alot of questions that you may have just remains unanswered because we are doing the norm. Don’t settle for not knowing, take advantage of Google or Wikipedia. There are too many resources nowadays for us to learn about anything that our heart desires.

Asking continuous questions can lead to finding great answers! Let’s seek out those great answers!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Project Management #1


Every idea I have, it gets written down no matter where I am. Store it in your phone, write it in on the back of a sheet of paper, or even write it on your arm. If your need to quickly get an idea out of your head, voice record yourself from your smart phone. Start writing/documenting things down, let your creativity go crazy. Write it down so it doesn’t haunt you while you are trying to work on something else. Ideas are cool, but staying focus is what really brings results. Focus will provide results greater than you imagined. If you are focused and really reading, studying, practicing on your ideas, you will master them. It took me many years to realize that I can’t do it all. I am still trying to realize that actually.

However, I do realize you only get out, what you put in. That’s for everything in life.

  1. Plan what you want to Do
  2. Create a deadline and set milestones for your project
  3. Tell someone close to you about it so you can have an accountability partner
  4. Start working on it ASAP
  5. Compete with yourself in making more progress than the last day
  6. Even when you think you are near it’s completion, find many ways to make your project better
  7. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!

So plan a date to work on your next project! By the time you are ready to work on it, I’m sure you will have hundreds of sticky notes by then. Don’t forget about it, put an alarm in your phone that will remind you of it! Time is important!

I use Trello.com as my main project management tool, you can also supporting mobile apps for it.

There are many tools to help you with managing your time, if you don’t think you need it, notice how do you spend most of your time during your normal day. If your time is spent well, maybe you don’t need any external help, however if you feel alot of time has been used wrongly, it’s time for a life tweak.

We are all given 24 hours of the day, some people just use them better!

#TipOfTheDay Project Management


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Google Glass Available for One Day Only


One Day Sale: Google Glass will be for sale on April 15th at 8am Central.

glass Now, if you happen to have an extra $1,500 lying around, this is your chance. Developers were excited to get their hands on this awesome device and now anybody can for One day only.

Why is Google only selling it for a day? Will this plan work to sell tens of thousands of them? I guess on April 16th we will see how many people are walking around in your neighborhoods with them on. I think that Raybans are about to be pushed to the side.

Are you ready to see your next door neighbor with these on while cutting the lawn to insure perfection? The way we think of computing is going to change drastically. Many medical and industry jobs are spending tons on research, utilizing the Google Glass’s Augmented Reality features.

Crack up open those piggy banks, it’s time to see the future!!!

Here is the link by the way!!!  Get Your Google Glass

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