Why Aren’t You Cooking ?


This will be a very short post in an attempt to get folks to cook more.

Restaurants are too expensive to eat at on the regular and fast food leaves you hungry by the time you get home.

On Sundays, cook a huge pot of something and eat that throughout the week.

Small example: A package of chicken legs are $5, enough to feed 3 people. Vs. Popeyes 2 piece special for $5.

Huge example: A package of medium 100 count shrimp costs ~ $7-$8 and pasta costs a dollar. Vs You taking out your entire family to a fancy place and paying $15 a meal for a family of 4 = $60.

Please start saving more and start cooking more!!!

Use these websites as guides and message me about the meals you end up cooking and how much money did you save.

Cheap Meals

Healthy Choices


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