What’s your language ? Learn Computer Programming


It’s time to learn a new skill, Computer Programming!!!

If you want to learn computer programming or want to pass this on to your relatives or friends, use this vital source of information.

“Train your skill from New to Good to Great”

It is my pleasure to write about the multiple computer programming languages and how can you get into these. Learning these skills can provide you a new hobby, increased problem-solving ability, and potentially a new industry to work in.

Just having some computer skills, will give you an edge on other applicants. However, the more you know, the better chance you will have at getting those desired jobs.

Computer programming has turned into a new wave that has sparked interest everywhere. No longer is it only linked with guys stuck in their basements wearing pocket-protectors.

Currently, everyone has an app idea or two. The saying, “There is an app for that”, still stands today! However, I believe that even though are hundreds of thousands of apps in app stores, there is still room.

The power of just having a computer can open up multiple opportunities. Over the years I have noticed various industries spark from the computer

  • Instrumental Making
  • Online television shows
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Online teaching
  • Circuit Design
  • Stock trader

So what else can our computers do ? Well, features such as Microsoft word isn’t dead, most companies need people who are competent in this area.

One who masters Excel and Access, will never be out of a job!”

-Life lesson

However, I’m sure you have interest in programming, so let’s go!

Where to get started with programming ?

Okay, so let’s say today(insert day of week), you realize learning how to code will add some value to your life, now what ?

Decide what are your goals for programming

This is very important, and what dictates your flow of programming knowledge. What is your biggest goal at the moment, and what type of product would you like to create.

  • Websites
  • Mobile Applications(Native or Web-based)
  • Games
  • Programs for personal use
  • Server/communication programs
  • Graphics animation
  • Database Inventory tracking system

I won’t go into detail on all of these, however I will touch up on a few.

If your goal is to learn how to build websites, here is where to start.

  • Learn HTML 5 –the scripting language that actually designs the structure of the site.
  • Learn CSS — stands for cascading style sheet, using this, you can some style and personality
  • Learn JavaScript -not to be confused with the Java programming language, this is used to add interactive features to your site, such as hover over pop-up boxes.
  • Learn how the different sections of the user interface and how a webpage is broken up into different areas.
  • Learn how to get graphic images made for your background and other page images, so you can create amazing looking sites.

In a high-level explanation, these are the skills that you need, links will be provided for you with to use to get your feet wet and to start learning.

Helpful Website Dev Links:

Also using these websites tools, you can create web-based mobile applications, however that’s later on jump.

Various programming languages

  • Java- used for creating fun applets and useful personal programs, needed to understand programing for Android, advanced uses are servlets and other communication devices
  • C++ – used mostly for 3D graphic design and for scientific research and analysis
  • MatLab – used for statistics and solving engineering problems
  • Python- said to be the easiest to learn and mostly used by educators, also used to program the infamous Rapsberry Pi.
  • C#- its pronounced C sharp and this is used mostly for windows applications, still very popular.
  • Cobol & Fortran- your grandpa’s coding language that is still used today, so if you learn this, there are alot of jobs that need people

Helpful programming languages sites:

Now, Mobile Application Design, since of you are waiting for that.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows8
  • Samsung TV
  • Smart Watch
  • Yes you can program all of the aforementioned options


If you want to program for iOS, meaning iPhone and iPad, you need to have a Mac and the program Xcode. You can download Xcode from app store. You can design and code for free, however to deploy your application into the Apple App store, it is $99/year. However, if you can create 1-2 apps per year, that can be made back.

So when starting your journey on iOS application design, it is best to first draw out(wireframe) your potential app. User Interface is half the importance in designing apps, so you need to think of every button, text field, and drop down boxes. You can read through Apple documentation to learn about every UI designs and components.

The computer programming language traditionally used for iOS development is Objective-C, it is a high level language. It is structured around an advanced topic, called Object Oriented Programming. I recommend that you play read tutorials and really build an understanding of how MVC works.

MVC- model-view-controller is what connects the user interface to its interactivity. Please spend lots of time on this before moving on.

Don’t be afraid to ask why, that’s the only way you will learn. After drawing your future app on paper, create a process flow chart to think through every single action you want to happen when either a button is pressed or a text field is opened.

Swift – is the new language that is so called, easier to learn that Apple created. This new language may be your new entry into iOS design.

Also, there are many interface builders and app builders online to create apps for you.

iOS Helpful Links:

If I didn’t create this section, a large group of biased people would jump on me. Therefore, without further stalling.


Yes Android is the most popular platform, simply because it’s on mostly every phone. With iOS being only on the iPhone, I guess they are more selective and want customers to feel special. But hey, (SHADE!!!)

All jokes aside, Android is a great platform to create apps for. Once you learn how to create apps for Android you can create apps for multiple devices, which is pretty neat.

With Android, you can use Android Developer Tools(ADT) to create your apps or the popular Eclipse.

Programming for Android is totally different than iOS, simply because of their building environments. The way Android apps are built are designed in a XML format. You would have experience with XML, another mark-up scripting language, if you do go through the advanced tutorials for HTML.

Deploying your app to the store for Android costs a yearly fee of $25, which is cheaper than iOS.

Helpful Android Links:


Windows8 is the most versatile in the way they accept apps because they make it possible for any type of programmer to create apps for them. If you have a c++ background, website development, c#, then you can easily create apps for them. However, the only thing is that their market isn’t as popular as the others.

I played around with C# for a week and created an app that centers around Motivation for students.


Anytime you have issues programming, don’t just give up, look at your design again. The longer you spend in planning your strategy and design, the less problems you will have.

Tips to solving an programming issue:

  • Looking at design and going through what should have happened
  • Reading through your code from top-down to make sure you followed your tutorial correctly
  • Google the issue you are having, I’m sure your problem will come up on StackOverflow.com

Tips on becoming a better programmer

  • Find time to practice daily
  • Be able to go through tutorials and tell yourself all what should happen as you follow the flow of code
  • Use old fashioned paper and pen when designing your code, this will really help
  • Utilizing all of your resources, if you are not reading tutorials, watching youtube videos, and talking to coders in your network, how will you get better
  • Look for source code online for your particular language and study examples

 You have to put in the work to learn what you want, set a goal, and get there!!!

Thanks for reading and please share with your friends on social media! Follow me on twitter and ask me questions on how to get started!

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