What do you Internalize ?


Sorry for the delayed blog entries, I’ve been busy with internships and most importantly engineering coursework. I will now jump right into what I feel is real important.


The title is “What do you Internalize ?”, and I want to make sure I get you all to ask yourself that question. From the words we read to the music we listen to, we are always taking in something. I believe that from what all we take in everyday, it starts to become a part of us. You may have heard of the saying, “you are what you eat”, well that applies to much more. If all we do is listen to negativity all day, then that will make us a negative person or encourage negative thoughts.

The second we realize that our surroundings play an effect on us, we may never be able to grow. I want to leave you with a few keys on things to internalize:

  • Positive uplifting music that makes you encouraged, filled with love, and motivation to do better
  • Read various books on things you want to develop in and really take it in
  • Having great conversation with wise people, soak up their knowledge
  • The people who may be looking up to you, really know that everything you do matters

So the second you realize what you want to do in life, start CONSUMING IT AND EVERY THING ABOUT IT.

You want to be a doctor, but haven’t started watching the doctor tv shows or reading books on preparing for med school.

You want to be a businessman/businesswoman, but refuse to wear a tie or proper attire.

Whatever you want to do or feel or live, you have to internalize it  !!!

Thanks for reading guys

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