Home Automation ?



Currently, my Senior Design project to design a home automation system. My group of 4 had to come up with an epic project idea, and needed something that can benefit everyone. After doing tons of research on this topics, I am now certain that we are very close to living like the Jetsons. Well, everything besides the flying car of course.

Home automation is the process of automating and controlling tasks in your home that we do manually. Don’t we all forget to turn off the lights before getting in bed, why not set a time that they automatically turn off or use your cellphone to control them. Utilize GPS so that your home knows when you are a few mins away and ready to turn on the AC for you. We are technologically advanced so why wouldn’t we utilize this throughout our homes ?

Besides lights, we have the power to control garage doors, coffee makers, laundry and other appliances. There are a number of products out there that allow you to do so. So what scares or horror stories can we look forward in the future?

  • Someone Hacking Your Home- yes computer hackers may be interested in your living patterns and settings just as much as your credit cards
  • Government surveillance- If you’re house is connected to a network, just know the CIA may have full access to you
  • Smart Home turning on you, with concepts such as Machine learning, electronics are learning to think as humans in a way. Think how much a home could learn about you to harm you.


Now even though I have outlined some very very extreme cases, you should still give it a chance. Research the topics of Smart Homes or Home Automation.

Because of the problems above, this is why we need you to learn as much as you can to protect the future of these things. (Maybe not the CIA though).

I hope I brushed upon this topic in an eye-opening way and encouraged you to find research that proves me wrong!!!


Thanks for reading!!!

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