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I have heard this term thrown around from time to time, and really thought about how I interrupt it. Like all terms, this term can/has been used in a negative way. I want to convey how I feel being an

“Product of Your Environment” can actually be a great

Now, what exactly is your environment? Was it
filled with tea parties, beautiful homes, and gold
spoons. Were the people lawyers, doctors, chefs?
My environment was nothing of the sort,
composed of rural living, sugar cane fields, and

So how can

Rural living + Sugar Cane fields + Poverty = GREATNESS ?

Growing up with less, you really appreciate more.
Growing up in the country, you really gain creative skills like no
other, you understand the bare essentials of life.
Living near to these sugar cane fields, I would hear
stories of how our parents and grandparents would
walk for miles with a knife cutting cane to feed their
families. This hard work would be passed on to generations
that would excel in those small classrooms and large universities.

Watching hardships and struggle on a weekly basis builds
a desire to do better. Some turn to crime and drugs, as a
way to “come up” and say that’s being a product of
your environment. The only way I see that being factual is if
90% of your town are drug dealers and gang bangers.
However in reality, don’t let the 10%  of those people deteriorate you.

Let’s Really Look into our Environment

  • What about the mother who worked 3 jobs to afford school uniforms & belts for her 3 children?
  • What about the laid off plant worker who now collects soda cans as a way to collect change to pay the water bill so his wife can wash her face?

Some people will never understand adversity, but some will drown in it.

Learning how we can do better and taking from the
positiveness around us, is how we can become a great
product of our environment!!!

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