Disciplines of Engineering


Part II

Now as an engineer you feel you can do anything in the world such as rewire a house, take apart and fix your cellphone, or even build that dream house. However, what are the different areas of engineering, since we are mostly afforded a chance to really concentrate in one or two areas.

The different disciplines of Engineering are broken down as follows:


  • Responsible for electrical systems such as our power, lights, electric cars, electronics, cellphones
  • The student gets a broad understanding of how to design circuits, program, study signals and systems, and also robotics
  • If you enjoy tinkering with electronics/wireless systems, please look into Electrical


  • Responsible for hardware and software designs
  • The student will learn about programming, logic design, microcontroller design, and even how the computer is built
  • How cool would it be to design the next  Gameboy, iPhone, FlatScreen TV ?



  • Responsible for anything that moves
  • The student learns about how 2D/3D tools parts move and even learn how to build them on the computer, they learn how motors operate, they learn how strong our parts needs to be.
  • Mechanical is known for being the hardest and broadest field of engineering
  • Take a dive into this field, also Aerospace engineering can fall into a sub-category of M.E.



  • Responsible for the efficiency and safety that is needed in any engineering business
  • They focus on six sigma processes, lean systems, ergonomics, and customer satisfaction
  • This discipline is the most business concentrated, lots of CEOs have IE degrees
  • Airports and factories need I.E. majors to run daily



  • Responsible for all plastics, chemicals, sodas, etc.
  • They mostly live in huge laboratories with white coats and goggles.
  • Students dive into the gargantuan fields of chemistry
  • Chemical plants are hiring regularly to enhance our batteries, make-up, and/or Tupper-ware.



  • Responsible for the roads, bridges, street lights, building structures around us
  • Perfect for students looking into construction and wants to work with government projects
  • The need for this field isn’t going anywhere
  • They even set the speeds that we drive in our curves. Did you know that the speed that is given in most curves is actually 20-30 lower than a human can most likely survive. But don’t please drive safe.


  • Responsible for finding oil, drilling the oil, and converting the oil to end products
  • Popular because it’s a million (if not billion) dollar industry.
  • Most jobs for this field are mostly along the coast lines, if not in the body of water
  • Most companies, at a higher salary, will give you the chance to work on an oil rig


          • Responsible for a healthier, more sustainable world
    • Students learn about the nature, at levels ,a normal person didn’t know existed
  • They improve water/air quality, find ways to convert trash to goods, and study ways to expand renewable sources



  • Responsible for ending the human population in year 2030, JK
  • This major is maybe the most sophisticated and cutting edge of them all
  • Areas of interest in this field are Stem Cell Research, Prosthetic Limbs, Artificial hearts, and all the equipment that you see in a hospital

Ask me questions about any of them if you have any questions!!!

I will go in detail about the many options of what you can do after graduation with engineering in my next article, be on the lookout.


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