Why Aren’t You Cooking ?


This will be a very short post in an attempt to get folks to cook more.

Restaurants are too expensive to eat at on the regular and fast food leaves you hungry by the time you get home.

On Sundays, cook a huge pot of something and eat that throughout the week.

Small example: A package of chicken legs are $5, enough to feed 3 people. Vs. Popeyes 2 piece special for $5.

Huge example: A package of medium 100 count shrimp costs ~ $7-$8 and pasta costs a dollar. Vs You taking out your entire family to a fancy place and paying $15 a meal for a family of 4 = $60.

Please start saving more and start cooking more!!!

Use these websites as guides and message me about the meals you end up cooking and how much money did you save.

Cheap Meals

Healthy Choices


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Disciplines of Engineering


Part II

Now as an engineer you feel you can do anything in the world such as rewire a house, take apart and fix your cellphone, or even build that dream house. However, what are the different areas of engineering, since we are mostly afforded a chance to really concentrate in one or two areas.

The different disciplines of Engineering are broken down as follows:


  • Responsible for electrical systems such as our power, lights, electric cars, electronics, cellphones
  • The student gets a broad understanding of how to design circuits, program, study signals and systems, and also robotics
  • If you enjoy tinkering with electronics/wireless systems, please look into Electrical


  • Responsible for hardware and software designs
  • The student will learn about programming, logic design, microcontroller design, and even how the computer is built
  • How cool would it be to design the next  Gameboy, iPhone, FlatScreen TV ?



  • Responsible for anything that moves
  • The student learns about how 2D/3D tools parts move and even learn how to build them on the computer, they learn how motors operate, they learn how strong our parts needs to be.
  • Mechanical is known for being the hardest and broadest field of engineering
  • Take a dive into this field, also Aerospace engineering can fall into a sub-category of M.E.



  • Responsible for the efficiency and safety that is needed in any engineering business
  • They focus on six sigma processes, lean systems, ergonomics, and customer satisfaction
  • This discipline is the most business concentrated, lots of CEOs have IE degrees
  • Airports and factories need I.E. majors to run daily



  • Responsible for all plastics, chemicals, sodas, etc.
  • They mostly live in huge laboratories with white coats and goggles.
  • Students dive into the gargantuan fields of chemistry
  • Chemical plants are hiring regularly to enhance our batteries, make-up, and/or Tupper-ware.



  • Responsible for the roads, bridges, street lights, building structures around us
  • Perfect for students looking into construction and wants to work with government projects
  • The need for this field isn’t going anywhere
  • They even set the speeds that we drive in our curves. Did you know that the speed that is given in most curves is actually 20-30 lower than a human can most likely survive. But don’t please drive safe.


  • Responsible for finding oil, drilling the oil, and converting the oil to end products
  • Popular because it’s a million (if not billion) dollar industry.
  • Most jobs for this field are mostly along the coast lines, if not in the body of water
  • Most companies, at a higher salary, will give you the chance to work on an oil rig


          • Responsible for a healthier, more sustainable world
    • Students learn about the nature, at levels ,a normal person didn’t know existed
  • They improve water/air quality, find ways to convert trash to goods, and study ways to expand renewable sources



  • Responsible for ending the human population in year 2030, JK
  • This major is maybe the most sophisticated and cutting edge of them all
  • Areas of interest in this field are Stem Cell Research, Prosthetic Limbs, Artificial hearts, and all the equipment that you see in a hospital

Ask me questions about any of them if you have any questions!!!

I will go in detail about the many options of what you can do after graduation with engineering in my next article, be on the lookout.


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Why Major in Engineering ?


Two words, the future.

Engineering is creating the undiscovered and shaping our future in ways we haven’t imagined.

I had no clue what all an engineering degree could open doors for; however after years of being an engineering student, you learn a lot. Engineering pushes you to think outside the box and at new levels. The coursework really causes your brain to work out and strengthen. It does involve a great work of math and physics. However, after learning and practicing these subjects, you are well on your way for a ride. Engineering isn’t easy, but very rewarding. If you are a person who loves to design and work on projects, this major is for you. If you love numbers and always hated doing math without meaning, well engineering gives you that chance. With the skills learned from an engineering degree, you are prepared for anything problem-solving related.
Be on the lookout for Part II, I will be go into great detail on what you can do with an engineering degree!

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Choices: What Would You Prefer ?



I could be completely wrong about this, however from my OWN views I think I can point out a noticeable observation. An observation my mother would always talk to me about.

Additionally, I thank her for making me watch the Suze Orman Show from time to time. The Can I Afford IT Portion of the show really taught me many lessons!!!!


If someone was poverty stricken, how would they cope with that? Would their spending be somewhat low to ensure their minimalist lifestyle can someday transform their financial situation into something greater?


Why are poor people going broke over expensive clothes/shoes that lose value after one wash or wear,

But the wealthy…….

  • Wear Shoes until Holes appear(In most cases after)
  • Goodwill
  • Wal Mart

As a representative of the poverty class, I say we should start revisiting the things we put our value in. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. If those $200 shoes won’t fly you to school/work, what’s the point? Let’s use what little we can save, and try to make great use of it. Let’s say a teenager(Peter) opted to buy a pair of $50 tennis shoes instead of $200 ones, that leaves $150 to do what he wants.

So what could Peter do with that $150:

  • Build a website
  • Start a Lawn Care Business
  • Take a certification exam
  • Buy a sewing machine & material
  • Investing in CDs/Stocks/Bonds.

If you noticed the trend of those things, you would see that they all are ways to obtain profit. If you were ever in the poor state, I’m sure having that “Let your money work for you” mindset would advance you to higher economic classes.

I do believe that Poor is a state of mind or a temporary struggle. However, we shouldn’t keep ourselves there if we can’t help it.

Most importantly, we should invest more into education. I feel like this is overused, but its not overused enough.

Save up those pennies for extra classes, extra seminars, extra conferences, and BOOKS!

Don’t let a pair of shoes that cost $20 to make, hold you back from a great financial future!!!!


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Product of my Environment By Vilien Gomez





I have heard this term thrown around from time to time, and really thought about how I interrupt it. Like all terms, this term can/has been used in a negative way. I want to convey how I feel being an

“Product of Your Environment” can actually be a great

Now, what exactly is your environment? Was it
filled with tea parties, beautiful homes, and gold
spoons. Were the people lawyers, doctors, chefs?
My environment was nothing of the sort,
composed of rural living, sugar cane fields, and

So how can

Rural living + Sugar Cane fields + Poverty = GREATNESS ?

Growing up with less, you really appreciate more.
Growing up in the country, you really gain creative skills like no
other, you understand the bare essentials of life.
Living near to these sugar cane fields, I would hear
stories of how our parents and grandparents would
walk for miles with a knife cutting cane to feed their
families. This hard work would be passed on to generations
that would excel in those small classrooms and large universities.

Watching hardships and struggle on a weekly basis builds
a desire to do better. Some turn to crime and drugs, as a
way to “come up” and say that’s being a product of
your environment. The only way I see that being factual is if
90% of your town are drug dealers and gang bangers.
However in reality, don’t let the 10%  of those people deteriorate you.

Let’s Really Look into our Environment

  • What about the mother who worked 3 jobs to afford school uniforms & belts for her 3 children?
  • What about the laid off plant worker who now collects soda cans as a way to collect change to pay the water bill so his wife can wash her face?

Some people will never understand adversity, but some will drown in it.

Learning how we can do better and taking from the
positiveness around us, is how we can become a great
product of our environment!!!

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Who is EngineeringVill ????


My first entry, kinda excited. My name is Vilien Gomez, yea I know right. The first name is Creole and the last name is of Spanish decent. I guess I’m a gumbo. Now to answer the title’s question, EngineeringVill is a person who uses their knowledge to “engineer” way more than circuits and bridges folks. The way

our mind is set up, we are forced to look at things differently. It’s all about using what you have to get want you don’t. That right there can be applied to many things. I look forward to blogging and telling the world what’s on my mind!!! I hope you all learn and use some of it as food for thought.

I enjoy talking about Engineering, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship,Technology, Motivational things, and other food for thought!!!

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